DEC introduced 64-bit Alpha RISC computers to replace 32-bit VAX in 1992. This highly successful machines are deployed as workstations, mid to upper scale servers in various industries and applications.

These machines are PCI based, QBUS is not supported. REVIVER-ALPHA is a groundbreaking emulation software that replaces 64-bit ALPHA machines transparently, leveraging the performance of 64-bit INTEL servers.. It emulates the original systems hardware, requiring no change in the original operating systems (OpenVMS, Digital Unix and Tru64) and applications.


REVIVER-ALPHA allows you reduce the maintenance cost and minimize the system downtime, since it leverages the modern infrastructure of PC architecture.
(Alpha Start)
  1 CPU
(low speed)
  AlphaStation 200, 250
AlphaServer 300, 400
(Basic Systems)
  1 CPU   AlphaServer 800
AlphaServer 1000
AlphaServer 500, 600, DPW
DMCC/Flexor OEM systems
AlphaStation XP900, XP1000
(Classic Systems)
  1 – 4 CPUs   AlphaServer 2000, 2100
AlphaServer 4000, 4100
(DS Systems)
  1 – 2 CPUs   AlphaServer DS10, DS15
AlphaServer DS20, DS25
AlphaServer 1200
(ES Systems)
  1 – 4 CPUs   AlphaServer ES40, ES45, ES47
(GS Systems)
  1 – 32 CPUs   AlphaServer ES80

AlphaServer GS80, GS160, GS320, GS1280

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