Comware specializes in emulators for the PDP-11, VAX, Alpha and HP 1000 legacy systems

Comware’s emulators replace your legacy system with modern hardware without changing the operating system and the application software.

For more information our legacy system emulators, e-mail us or call at 800 460-1970 (949 851-9600).


Benefits of emulations
  • Low risk and transparent replacement without any change to the existing application software and procedures. No Application Source Code is required.
  • No NRE for years of development or months of recompile effort is necessary.
  • Use of modern PC based platform reduces the maintenance cost significantly.
  • High system reliability and maintainability. All of the legacy computer components will be virtualized with modern functionally equivalent components.
  • Modern computer components (such as main CPU, disk drive, Ethernet) provide significant performance improvements over the legacy system.
  • Floor space reduction. The emulator system is very transportable compared to the legacy systems
  • Power and heat dissipation reduction.


Other desirable functional enhancements
  • The computer host can be included into the company-wide network.
  • Backup on modern media, avoiding costly maintenance of unreliable tape drives. The output of the virtual tape drive is a backup file that can be stored in network storage or other modern medium (CDRW, Flash).
  • Printer can be virtualized with a networked printer.
Annual Support Services Overview
  • 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, 5 days a week, Monday thru Friday
  • Via email and telephone post-implementation support
  • The opportunity to submit SPRs (Software Problem Reports)
  • 1 day guaranteed reaction time
  • Access to product documentation (manuals, release notes, technical notes)
  • Product updates is included
Implementation Notes